I love paper and of late I've been making beautiful paper flowers and altering the German crepe paper that I use for my Folk Couture Dolls  .http://www.folkcouture.blogspot.com/ The flowers have found their way onto branches and then into bouquets. And I pair them with a charming message and they become a gift.

And the Crepe Paper for the dolls has been bleached or dipped in a color bath or drenched in water and then air-dried. The process alters the texture and this new paper allows me to drape and shape with abandon.  Here are some photos of my latest Folk Couture Dolls.

And, I finally found a frame that holds each doll and shows them off beautifully. So if you know of a gallery or a beautiful shoppe that might be a good fit for my dolls, please let me know!

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  1. Lady! These are stunning -- just like you! I continue to be amazed and impressed by the depths of your creativity. xo josephine